Forging the workforce of tomorrow from the military talent of today through The Unconventional Apprenticeship. 

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The Unconventional Apprenticeship is an innovative, plug-and-play workforce development solution powered by a diverse pool of military talent.

The Unconventional Apprenticeship transforms military members into future leaders equipped with the skills needed to thrive in today’s digital economy.


Engage, train, and retain the best military talent.

Supercharge your veteran hiring and retention efforts by engaging in The Unconventional Apprenticeship which provides industry training, support, community, and mentorship for military members. Gain early access to a pipeline of military talent and strengthen your team through diversity.


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Take an unconventional approach.

Military transition is difficult but you don’t have to “embrace the suck.” We get it. We’re not going to translate your skills or try to fit you into a box. We’re here to help you discover career paths that fit your passions and personality. Then we launch you into a career through training, professional development, and support. We’re on this journey with you during your discovery, development, and career success.

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