Shift from talent consumption to talent creation.

Each month over 16,000 military members transition out of the military only to remain “hidden” from most employers. Finding and developing this professional pool of talent is critical to closing your digital skills gap.

While military members possess all of the soft skills your organization craves: resilience, leadership, and discipline; they need to be equipped with the digital skills needed to deliver on your organization’s strategy. That’s where our Unconventional Apprenticeship comes in.

We guide transitioning military members through a structured vetting process. We only accept the top twenty percent, who then receive over 600 hours of training in their new career field. They are thoroughly equipped to hit the ground running at transition with the soft and technical skills needed to excel. We continue to provide holistic support to the military apprentice for the entire first year of their employment through our turnkey apprenticeship model.

We’re closing the digital skills gap for companies by launching high-potential military talent into new-collar careers through the Unconventional Apprenticeship.

Diversify Your Workforce

Millions of military members across the nation form an already racially, ethnically, and gender-diverse pool of talent that can make your organization stronger and more inclusive. Strengthen your team with broad ideas, fresh perspectives, and the vital soft skills that military members bring to the table.

diversify diversify

Close Your Digital Skills Gap

Our apprenticeship programs are designed to rapidly and effectively equip military members with the digital skills required to meet industry demands.

amplify Close The Gap

Grow & Retain Military Talent

Our programs are designed to build healthy pipelines of military talent for your organization. Our innovative delivery model eliminates barriers and increases retention.

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Our Unconventional Apprenticeship is an innovative, plug-and-play talent creation solution powered by a professional pool of military talent. By partnering with Transition Overwatch, your company can quickly and effectively shift from consuming talent to creating the talent needed to close your digital skills gap.

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