Our roots are in the military.

Ten years ago Transition Overwatch founder Sean Ofeldt was in an all too familiar position faced by all military members at transition – uncertainty. He didn’t want to continue doing what he did in the military, and had no mechanism to discover the career paths that he was best fit for. Transition was, and still is, a complex challenge with multiple factors impacting outcomes, and unfortunately there isn’t a simple solution. 

After years of ideation, the team at Transition Overwatch determined that a digital marketplace, with discovery at its core, had the potential to rapidly increase successful transition from military service. Transition Overwatch amplifies the success for both military members and the employers who engage them.

Meet the Team

sean ofeldt
founder & chief executive officer

Crystal Shelton
Customer Success Manager

David Zacharias CAPT USN (RET)
Senior Managing Director, Military Internships

Mick McGilloway
Managing Director, Partner Operations

Emily Bose
Partner Success

Stephanie Gamulin
Partner Success

Adam Marx
Partner Success

Aly Aguilar
Customer Success

Marideth Espliguera
Customer Success


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